Meet Mishy

‘Hi! I’m chef Michelle “Mishy” Powell—the owner and creator of MISHY’S, a local eating house with a passion and commitment to home-grown, local produce and community connection, located in the heart of Surry Hills.’

Armed with her magnetic and sunny demeanour, Mishy draws on a bounty of professional experience, both locally and overseas. For over 20 years, Mishy has been in the business of good food–working all over the world as a personal chef for her private clients, as well as in some of the most renowned international restaurants.

MISHY'S is living proof big that uncomplicated, beautiful flavours can come to the table with ease. We’re passionate about seasonal, local, fresh-from-the-market produce, and love sharing our healthy food philosophy with our Surry Hills neighbours and extended community.

We’re big on locally sourced sustainable produce, health and nutrition, only using Australian virgin olive oil in our food, except when frying our French fries. Mishy drives to Flemington Markets each week to hand-pick the produce for the coming week’s menu. Commitment to fresh and seasonal ingredients is our biggest focus.

We treasure the the simplicity and nourishment of traditional ‘home’ cooking—focused on unfussy, wholesome and eco-friendly dishes, proving that going back to basics can be downright delicious!

Natually Sauced

During the week, MISHY’S has a range of fresh grab-and-go
lunches, complemented by her range of Naturally Sauced healthy sauces and condiments—all available to purchase and ready to take home to try on our own dishes.

Fully licensed

MISHY’S is licensed and carries some very affordable local and
imported wines and beers, we also make our own signature barrel-aged Negroni.

Being Carbon Positive

Part of our mission to be a positive impact on not only your tables, but also our planet, is to support Ecologi. As a member of Ecologi, we help to remove CO2e from the atmosphere by growing our own forest.

Watch our progress here.

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